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Eight years in the making, America’s Amish Country II (Revisiting America’s Amish Country) will be available in June 2000. If you enjoyed America’s Amish Country which Doyle Yoder and Leslie A. Kelly published in 1992, then you will want to get this out-standing "revisit" of America’s Amish settlements from Ontario to Florida to Montana! All new pictures! More pictures! Wonderful color! Stunning settings! A book that captures the essence of the Amish lifestyle in some of the most beautiful country settings in the world! Yoder and Kelly have created another high quality coffee table book, complete with informative text, one that is certain to become an enduring look at the Amish and will be revered for many years to come!


America’s Amish Country II (Revisiting America’s Amish Country) features a look at the Swiss house where Jacob Amman made his historic decision to split from the Swiss Brethern, a barn in Switzerland where the Amish hid to escape persecution and beautiful settings in the Emmental, Switzerland, and Alsace, France, where the Amish lived before moving to America as part of William Penn’s Holy Experiment. The expanded Lifestyle section depicts the Amish way of life that fosters close knit families, strong bonds with other members of their church district and the entire Amish community. Self reliance and work values are shown with threshing rings, field plowing, barn raisings, hog butchering, deer hunting, pea shelling, clothes washing, vegetable gardening, young scholars, youth group activities, fishing, family picnics, sports, baseball, volleyball, horseshoe pitching, ice skating and other settings. Spectacular vistas of sunrises, sunsets, even a rainbow over a farm in Minnesota, winter snows and ice, spring flowers, the green of summer grass, fall foliage and harvest scenes like no other seen in books or magazines make America’s Amish Country II a collector’s book of the scenic beauty of America’s Amish Country. Twenty one states and Ontario, Canada, where the Amish live, work and play are represented in America’s Amish Country II. Special sections feature Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, the Northern, Southern and Western States.


Specification: 9 X 11 3/8 hardback with dustjacket 144 Pages, 376 full color photographs


Cover photo © 2000 Doyle Yoder. A horse-drawn buggy, the best known symbol of Amish society, makes its way down a narrow dirt road past an Amish farmin Holmes County, Ohio.

Back cover photo © 2000 Doyle Yoder. An Amish farmer near Middlebury,

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